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Our Students Are

Welcome to Laeta Learning!

"Laeta" means "happy" in Latin.

We’re a happy place for kids to learn and grow. Many kids, especially those that need a little extra help, can get down on themselves and begin to dislike school. We’re here to give them assistance that is tailor-made to what they need. At Laeta Learning, kids build the confidence they need to make education happy and fun!

Our tutoring services are customized to exactly what each student’s “just next need” is. Our tutors are all highly qualified and have a true heart of a teacher. With many years of experience and advanced degrees, our educators are able to meet a child exactly where they are and help them grow, whether they are struggling in school, gifted, or anywhere in between.


What makes Laeta Learning Different?

We only hire experienced, highly qualified educators, who have spent time in a classroom.

We provide a free initial assessment.

We love children and teaching!

Every child can benefit from tutoring. Just like participating in sports, reading, writing, and math can be extracurricular activities where practice makes perfect!

Our founder has a unique certification to assist students with dyslexia.

We believe that every child has a just next need and work toward meeting that need in every tutoring session.

Our services are not “one size fits all.”

Parent Quote

"Kaytee Jones has been such a gift to our family! Our daughter has a dyslexia diagnosis and we have seen noticeable progress in her reading skills and confidence. Her classroom teachers have also noticed improvement. She would not have made the progress that she has without Kaytee!!"

Student Quote

"I have problems with b, d and p and I really like tutoring because it challenges me to get better at reading. I'm getting closer and closer to reading on my own! It’s really fun and I like seeing my teacher every Monday and Wednesday to practice reading and writing."

Parent Quote

"My daughter started at the bottom of her class. She has been taught the reading tools to make her more confident and fluent, and now, she’s right where she needs to be. She’s turned a chore of reading into something she really enjoys. Her progress is showing at school and her teacher is very impressed."

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1506 Chapel Hill Rd, Ste E

Columbia, MO 65203


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